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one in a million



One in a million: pick up the pictures passing by. More than 1300 images since January 2004. Made by a web designer living in Hamburg, Germany. E-Mail: poly24(at)sela5.de Poly24 is member of German-based photo group »sela5« Non-Commercial. You may not use the photographs for commercial purposes Without explicit permission, it is not allowed the photographs to reproduce, to distribute or to use publicly. Please send an e-mail to: poly24(at)sela5.de. Only on inquiry If you run a non-commercial weblog, you are free to use smaller images. But you must contact me. Editor Ingrid Völlmeke, Germany, Hamburg. Responsible for contents in accordance with § 5 Telemedia Act and § 55 RStV. (German law) The WebSite "Poly24" offers artistic content. In some contributions, it is possible to make comments. These reflect only the opinion of the respective author. At any time and without notice I keep me from these comments to edit or to delete and this without cause.

  • December 3, 2015
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